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    Top 30 Blogs for Teachers 2012

    top30-teachersMost teachers would agree that being a teacher is a very rewarding profession. After all, being able to influence the lives of the next generation is not a privilege many people, aside from parents, have. But, with that great privilege comes a great responsibility, and certainly not the least of these is the necessity to keep abreast of the most current trends and best practices in the field of education.

    Besides continuing one’s education, one way in which today’s educators can keep their skills current is to do what their peers are doing. Thankfully, the internet makes this notion of imitation-is-the-best-form-of-flattery easy by providing a plethora of resources for teachers who desire to increase their knowledge and awareness of the issues facing teachers and students today. There are multiple on-line resources, including blogs, for tech-savvy teachers interesting in developing new ideas and strengthening their skills. Here we review our choices for the top 30 Blogs for education professionals and students currently enrolled in education degree certification programs.

    General Education

    1.?Teaching Blog Addict: A one-stop shop for all of your teaching blog needs. If you are looking for a teaching blog with a particular slant, you will find it here.
    Highlight: 33 Ideas for Read Across America

    2.?Cool Cat Teacher: Cool Cat Teacher gives you the tools necessary to inspire enthusiasm in your students.
    Highlight: 12 Amazing Ways to Teach During the Crazy Days of Christmas

    3.?Top Teachers: Top Teachers is a daily blog providing lesson ideas, classroom strategies, book lists, videos, and reproducibles from the teachers at Scholastic.
    Highlight: Great Writing Lesson Ideas From My Top Teaching Colleagues

    4.?Create.Teach.Share.: Mrs. Rojas is a true star in the teaching world. Her advice on lesson plans and creative ideas are sure to inspire even the most seasoned professional.
    Highlight: Remembering 9/11 with a Picture Book

    5.?Rockin Teacher Materials: This helpful blog from a second grade teacher is geared toward elementary educators. The author, Hilary Lewis, provides many resources for teachers that she has gathered over her 28 years of teaching. She even posts videos of herself demonstrating some of her creative ideas in the classroom, such as the link highlighted below.
    Highlight: Checking Over Our Tests

    Social Studies/History Teachers’ Blogs

    6.?Social Studies and History Teacher’s Blog: This blog is a great resource for those teaching in the field of Social Studies and History. It provides images and videos relevant to all aspects of classroom teaching.
    Highlight: Causes of World War II

    7.?History is Elementary: This site is a powerhouse of information on history education for any teacher of history or anyone interested in the subject.
    Highlight: Mixed Images…One Powerful Message

    8.?World History Educator’s Blog: This informative blog is written by high school history teachers who are looking to share their resources and materials as well as their experiences with using technology in the classroom.
    Highlight: History of the World in Two Minutes

    9.?History Tech: An offshoot of Social Studies Central, this blog is written by curriculum specialist Glenn Wiebe. Look for his helpful tip of the week and expert advice on developing your social studies curriculum.
    Highlight: Teaching What Really Happened and 3 Other Interesting Books You Should Be Reading

    10.?US History Teacher’s Blog: Written by a high school teacher, US History Teacher’s Blog focuses on American History and gives teachers videos and guides to make learning interesting, accurate, and fun.
    Highlight: The Real Meaning of the Wizard of Oz

    Math Education Blogs

    11.?I Speak Math: I Speak Math is the blog of energetic middle school teacher and mother of three, Julie Reulbach. Her love of math is evident in her writings, and she shares her love of the subject in new and exciting ways.
    Highlight: Homework Choice Allows Differentiation and Encourages Creativity

    12.?Drawing on Math: A high school math teacher weighs in on math education and shares his teaching practices.
    Highlight: Quadrilateral Proof

    13.?Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere: This is the blog of math teacher Sam Shah, who uses his sense of humor and obvious passion for math to engage his readers and teach them valuable concepts along the way.
    Highlight: Families of Curves

    14.?Let’s Play Math!: As a homeschooling mother of 5, the author of Let’s Play Math! aims to provide math resources to other homeschoolers and traditional educators alike. Her love of the subject is evident by how she keeps her blog updated frequently.
    Highlight: A Mathematical Advent Calendar

    15.?Teaching Mathematics: Dan Pearcy provides a refreshing look at teaching mathematics with book reviews and creative teaching ideas. His purpose for creating this blog was both to document his own unique teaching ideas and also to learn from others.
    Highlight: Understanding Pi: How Do you Explain What Pi Is To A Student?

    Science Education Blogs

    16.?Just Call Me Ms. Frizzle: Inspired by the famous children’s program, this science blog guides you through all the quirky fun to be found in your science classroom.
    Highlight: Triumphs in 9th Grade Science

    17.?Mr. Reid: This blog, written by a physicist and teacher Mr. Reid, would be perfect for an advanced high school class. He updates frequently with relevant and unique information that will be of interest to students, teachers and physics enthusiasts alike.
    Highlight: Energy Density of Coal

    18.?Steve Spangler’s Blog: Emmy-award-winning “teacher’s teacher” Steve Spangler may be best known as the man who taught us how to make a bottle of soda explode by using Mentos as the secret ingredient. While his crazy experiments are exciting to watch and replicate in the classroom, he also offers great science information in his blog which is sure to engage science enthusiasts of all ages.
    Highlight: Valentines Day Candy Science Experiments

    19.?Teaching High School Pyschology: Teaching High School Pychology is a collaborative blog of several different authors, each offering a unique perspective on not only teaching high school psychology, but the broader area of high school teaching, and the psychology associated with it. Relevant news in the world of psychology is also presented in an interesting and thought provoking way.
    Highlight: How to Teach Introverts

    20. Sixty Symbols: Low on words, but high on educational impact, Sixty Symbols offers interesting explanations and interpretations of just about every physics or astronomy related symbol you can think of–way more than the sixty the blog title suggests. The blog is the brainchild of Brady Haran, a photojournalist from Nottingham, United Kingdom. He also has created an associated blog, The Periodic Table of Videos.
    Highlight: Chaos and Butterfly Effect

    English/Language Arts Education Blogs

    21.?The Reading Zone: Get stories and advice from a former 4th grade language arts teacher and current high school English teacher, Sarah. She provides a plethora of resources and links about both reading and writing that will be of use to any language arts teacher.
    Highlight: 2012 in Review

    22.?Living Life Twice: Alan Wright is both a writer and a teacher, and shares his best advice about both topics on Living Life Twice. In Alan’s own words, “every experience provides opportunities to harvest writing ideas.”
    Highlight: Launching Your Writing Program with Purpose

    23.?SCC English: From teachers in Ireland comes an international look on teaching secondary English. They have won multiple awards for their work and often post the best work coming from their students.
    Highlight: ‘Macbeth’ Resources

    24.?Huff English: Dana Huff presents her blog with a focus on discussing English education and technology.
    Highlight: What is a Connected Educator?

    25.?Mr. B-G’s English Class Resources: A resource site for the language arts teacher for handouts, links, and activities. This blog also has an interesting focus on teaching journalism.
    Highlight: Siddhartha in the 21st Century

    Special Education Blogs

    26.?Unwrapping the Gifted: A blog from Education Week Teacher, Unwrapping the Gifted provides advice on challenging your gifted students.
    Highlight: Advice for New Gifted Education Specialists

    27.?Teachers At Risk: Award winning special education teacher Elona Hartjes shares her trials and triumphs in her 7 year old blog that boasts readers from over 100 countries around the world. No matter where you are in your special education teaching career–college student just learning about the field or seasoned veteran–you’re sure to find something of value in this outstanding resource.
    Highlight: Re-examining My Philosophy of Classroom Management

    28.?Eliminating the Box: As the title of this blog suggests, the writer of Eliminating the Box know not all people learn the same way and she strives to provide teaching strategies for special needs children that minimize their disabilities and differences and maximize their learning potential.
    Highlight: Personalized Learning

    29.?Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Kate Ahern knows a thing or two about children with special needs–she’s been working with them since she was 14 and old enough to get her first job. Here in her blog she provides helpful guides and resources for those teaching students with one or more special needs.
    Highlight: A Missing Piece – AAC Implementation at Home

    30.?Ed Tech Solution: Teaching Every Student: The author of this blog is an Assistive & Educational Technology Consultant and she provides great posts on using technology in your special education classroom. She strives to help educators remove obstacles for all types of learners.
    Highlight: Reading Accommodations